There are a variety of reasons you might opt for a hardwood alternative over real wood. Hardwood alternatives are typically more affordable, lower maintenance, and water-resistant. These advantages make them an attractive option for many Austin homeowners. At Floor Coverings International Austin, we provide a variety of hardwood alternatives for your home. Below, we’ve compared and contrasted three of our most popular options.

Laminate Plank Flooring


Laminate is a versatile, affordable hardwood alternative capable of matching the natural beauty of wood. Laminate mimics hardwood using a photographic applique layer, which is then overlayed with a clear protective layer. The result is a durable, visually accurate wood-look flooring.


An affordable price tag also comes with some downsides: compared to hardwood, laminate will not last as long. Though durable, laminate flooring cannot be refinished or sanded down like real wood. Laminate, while more water-resistant than hardwood, is also not as resilient to water as other wood-look alternatives.